Friday, January 25, 2008

Two women who are yanking on my heartstrings...'s not some obsessive crush or anything (heck, one of them is happily married), but these ladies know how to play me...musically.

First there's Michele over at The Music Chamber...don't miss "Open Mic Night" on Tuesdays... as well as great discussions about music and artists such as Nik Kershaw.

Then I wander over to Laurie Kendrick's site and discover she may be my musical cosmic twin.

I want to get these ladies alone in an harmonic threesome...just us, and the world's biggest jukebox. Then I can die happy...

Until then:


Anonymous said...

I send you thanks for the link along with appreciative warmth and something sloppy.

Happy weekend.


Anonymous said...

Hey Nigel..

Boredom allowed me to update the post. I included several more songs that I'd forgotten about. Some of these are very obscure.


Michele said...

That's sweet.

(It also means a lot that you spell my correct name correctly.)

I don't think I have ever heard the song you posted.