Thursday, January 17, 2008

Austrian politics and sexual perversity in Islam

Stacy from Still Stacy links to this story about Austrian politician Susanne Winter who had the audacity to tell the truth about Islam:

Susanne Winter, a right-wing politician with the FPÖ party running for a city council seat in the city of Graz, blasted Muslims on Sunday, saying that "in today's system" the Prophet Muhammad would be considered a "child molester," apparently referring to his marriage to a six-year-old child. She also said that it is time for Islam to be "thrown back where it came from, behind the Mediterranean." Not yet finished, she also claimed that Muhammad wrote the Koran in "epileptic fits."

Of course Austria being a European country, you can expect that such truth-telling would bring about the usual pants-shitting:

Her comments have resulted in a storm of protest in Austria, with politicians and commentators of all stripes taking Winter and her party to task. Austrian prosecutors are also looking into the possibility of filing charges against the 50-year-old politician for incitement.

Hell, if Winter can get indicted for actually revealing the truth about Islam, what could I get for reposting this?:

Her comments, said Omar Al-Rawi, head of integration for an Austrian association of Muslims, showed "a lack of respect" and they "had no basis in fact." He told the Süddeutsche Zeitung that such Islam bashing has reached a point in Austria that "one wants to puke."

Oh yeah? Stacy has you schooled, Omar:

No basis in fact Mr. Al-Rawi? It is a known fact amongst Muslims and infidels that Muhammed consummated his marriage to Aisha at the ripe, old age of 9; and it still occurs to this day.

Go here to read the rest of Stacy's brilliant post, including some not so shocking sex-ed pointers from this man:

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