Sunday, January 20, 2008

We have had no chance

Oh well. It was a great season. But according to almost everyone who claims to know anything about football, my Chargers have no chance to beat the Patriots today...especially with Tomlinson, Gates and Rivers all banged up. Game time temperatures are expected to be in the 20's...and it will get colder for the boys from sunny SoCal as the sun goes down.

Yup, absolutely no chance. Why did the Chargers even get on the airplane to play this game? Has a team ever overcome such unbeatable odds?


Halftime update: Isn't this game over yet? LaDainian Tomlinson is OUT and Philip Rivers is throwing off of half a leg. Surely the Patriots are winning by three touchdowns already...


Post-game: Three chances inside the Patriot 10-yard line...three field goals. Is there any respectable New England fan who doesn't know in their heart that if we had the greatest goal-line runner in NFL history available, things might have been different?

Congrats to the to play some poker...

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