Monday, July 14, 2008

The B.Hussein Obama electorate

How intelligent do you have to be to support Obama for President?

This intelligent:

H/T: The Jawas


Michele said...

Reminds me of a dinner conversation night before last with my one remaining liberal friend. He's a warm and funny guy, I would never ditch him. I think he's liberal because he has no grasp of the real issues. We were discussing the abortion issue and I brought up partial birth abortion. He didn't even know what it was! I mentioned the philosophy of redistribution of wealth and had to explain it. I mentioned that McCain adopted a daughter from Haiti. He laughed and said how funny it would be if she was black. She is! I could throw facts at him all night, but he refuses to read or deeply investigate. Yet he still feels wholly justified in having an opinion on issues. How does one form an opinion without the real facts? How do you argue with someone like that.

Yiddish Steel said...


Your answer is: LAZY MINDS! You can lump the vast majority of these ignoramuses that blindly support Obama as either "Lazy Minds", or "Mediocre Minds".

I'm still waiting for one of these Mensa Members to tell me one, single, profound legislative accomplishment by the Obamassiah in either his 6 years as a State Senator in Illinois, or his 2 years as a frosh U.S. Senator. And what exactly is a "Community Activist"?!

Thomas said...

A Community Activist is somebody who lobbies for funds to pay for community benefits. Or in Barry's case, funds to benefit slumlords who promise to use them for the benefit of their communities.