Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Define For Me A Man Of Distinguished Military Service

First it was the Clintonista Gerneral, Wesley Clark telling us all that John McCain's military service was not exemplary. It really means a lot coming from a man who can probably count on one hand anyone that served under him that respected his leadership. Now, it's Virginia Senator, Jim Webb (D-VA). Webb goes on that limp Neilson rating, cable TV nuthouse, Countdown (to no ratings) With Keith Olbermann to tell the world that John McCain should "calm down "; According to Jim Webb, McCain shouldn't be uttering his political views as if these views are some sort of blanket statement for the rest of the Military to support. Newsflash, Jimmy! The vast majority of those serving in our Armed Forces support a Decorated War Hero over a "Community Activist", turned 1 -term State Senator, turned less-than-half term U.S. Senator! Webb Should stick to something he knows well, like writing gay sex-inspired fiction... and hammering the innocuous term "macaca" into our lexicon.

1 comment:

Brian said...

He was the inspiration for the gay marine dad character who beat his son and killed Kevin Spacey in American Beauty.

Except without all the manliness.