Friday, July 25, 2008

Gratuitous 70's Post...and my deepest apologies...

...for what you are about to see.

Driving between Baltimore and Philadelphia today, I had the blessing (and as it turns out, curse) of my rental car being equipped with satellite radio. Of course there was a 70's channel...and of course I was listening.

And then came a song that I had not heard since I was in 4th grade. What was amazing is that the words all came back to me:

"No NO like!"

(An aside. Can you imagine the PC horror that would occur if someone tried to put that song out now?) can I post that without posting this classic?:


Sue said...

I have never heard either song. I was born in 1980 too, so I grew up on Madonna and, later, boy bands. Ugh.

Nigel said...

Sue, you are certainly too young to remember that song...and a load of other very bad '70s songs.

I had completely forgotten this song...with good reason.

Bad 70's tunes? Anyone remember Disco Duck or Afternoon Delight?