Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Largest gathering ever...

...for those named after a child molester:

Rusty at The Jawa Report has video of what can happen to you if you call the prophet of The Religion of Peace a pedophile.


Disciple said...

It takes a bigotted ignoramus to label Mohammed a "pedophile". The speaker deserved that slap.

Nigel said... would call a 50-year old man who beds a 9-year old...what?

Disciple said...

I would call him her husband - which in fact he was.

Here is an interesting and well-written article about that:

Disciple said...

For an intelligent biography of Mohammed I suggest one read Karen Armstrong's "Muhammad: A Prophet for Our Time"

Nigel said...

And I would still call him a pedophile.

Of course he married her when she was six...I am glad that he didn't mount her for three more years.

Nine years old? That is before a child has even hit puberty.

Let me emphasize that again...child.

And Warren Jeffs is merely a man with a few wives...

If Mohammed truly was a prophet, then I am supposing that you feel God approves of marrying 9-year olds.

And I've read enough from Karen Armstrong to know that her stuff is apologetic, hippie guilt-fantasy. For a more factually correct biography, read Spencer's The Truth About Muhammad...sourced almost exclusively from the Koran and the Hadith.

Which I know you will not.

BTW, interesting that Armstrong will not debate Spencer face to offer that has been outstanding for 10 years now.

Disciple said...

I'll take a look at the biography by Spencer.

Your aggressiveness and hatred are very interesting.

Mohammed's marriage to Aisha did not disturb Aisha or her family or their contemporaries. Why does it disturb you so?

It does not disturb Muslims today. (And let me add for the sake of accuracy that Muslims in many instances are more serious about morality than those proclaiming to be followers of Christ.) Why does it disturb you so?

Why are you filled with such hatred?

As I said, I will check out Spencer's book, but if he is like you, then I can't blame Ms. Armstrong for not wanting to debate him.

Yiddish Steel said...

Hey there, Nigel. Nice can of turpentine you got here. There is no way that any sane, rational human being could refer to Mo as anything other than a pedophile. a 9 year old is not only considered a child here in the United States, but also in an armpit of a nation like Yemen or Saudi Arabia. "Disciple" here can not be of sound mind to refer to the little girl, Eisha, as Mo's wife. If "Disciple" had a 9 year old daughter, how willing would he be to permit her to wed a 50 year old man?

As for the Street Preacher link, it's always some western, Muslim convert that would dare assault a man for calling Mo what he is. A home-grown Muslima from the Middle East wouldn't dare do that, no matter what any kaffir said about Mo.

Nigel said...

"Disciple" it hate if you want.

What it is really is disgust...that millions of people around the world are completely fooled by a false "religion".

One that doesn't let you question its tenants.

One that justifies violence as long as it is done for "Allah".

One that doesn't let you leave...under penalty of death.

One that shows hatred and contempt for Jews and Christians (have you seen Palestinian television?)

I pray Muslims see the light...but the oppression of Islam will not let them do so.

And I find it interesting that you approve of Muhammed's pedophilia because Aisha and her parents were allegedly "OK" with it.


Is God OK with it? Really? Be honest and ask yourself that question. Can I go to Thailand and find myself a 9-year old bride if I can find parents who would approve?

(Because actually, I could do that you know).

Now a suggestion...please bring the argument you brought to me over to the source of the face-slapping video...The Jawa Report. Put your defense of The Alleged Prophet's pedophila in that comments section. Their readership is about 100 times'll have more fun over there.

Nigel said...

Nice can of turpentine you got here.

Hey Yiddish...I seem to have that going lately, don't I?

I blame Buckley and Potfry. They inspired me.

Shitman said...

**Takes a large dump on Mohammed's head**