Wednesday, July 9, 2008

My Alter Ego wants to " hank allyou"

There are some basic rules for alter egos.

If you are a buttoned down sort of person and lead a very conservative personal life, then perhaps your psyche will create an alter ego that is more adventurous and creative to balance your inner yinyang.

Or maybe you're a pretty nice girl who worries about offending people, or coming off as a sanctimonious prude, so you end up with an alter ego who is a vicious and verbose vixen with really nice lingerie, and a healthy ego.

What I'm saying is that there should be special emphasis on the word "alter" in alter ego.

You see, if you are a bat-sh*t crazy drug using pseudo-celebrity whose alter ego is a bat-sh*t crazy drug using non-pseudo celebrity...well, some of us just wonder if there are any stairs going to your bat-filled belfry anymore. If there ever were. It's like she jumped into the phone booth to make a quick change and came out with a totally different crack pipe. Wow! I could hardly recognize her!

Another thing. If you have an alter ego, it's an excellent opportunity to give yourself a truly clever name. Cherry whuh?

I guess she created Cherry Koo Koo Bananas so she could backpedal all over her, sounds like the kind of performance that often leads to a red face and trauma to the tailbone.

Well at least in those that have any shame.

But I do like this song.

I know you won't believe this, but I couldn't find a really skanky photo of Courtney Love to go with this post. Either the woman is a major testament to the magical effects of cosmetics and photo airbrushing, or she threatens a fate worse than death upon any paparazzi that shoots her bad side. I'm thinking the latter.

Update from Nigel...Hey Mee-shell, let me hook a sistah up...for fun, submit your favorite Courtney Love is a skank photos in the comments section...we'll put them up.


Michele can only class this blog up a little as long as Yiddish and I are still around.

My submission:


Romi said...

I think she's just lovely all around...sigh...that Courtney...a real beaut ;-)

Yiddish Steel said...

Why is Court-knee getting any press these days? Kurt has been dead for almost 15 years and she's burned through every song he wrote for her, therefore, she (and "HOLE") haven't had a radio-accessible song in over 10 years. She got lucky and starred in a Movie role that was tailor-made for her (drug-abusing, batshit-crazy skank), since then, nada! I know, it's fun to poke fun at the mental midgets of the world, but, shouldn't Court-knee have to earn that priviledge when she's well-past her expiration date?!

Michele said...

She's getting press because she's a train wreck who blogs.