Thursday, July 24, 2008

Squelching Debate So We Can Mow Down Babies With a Clear Conscience

I rarely visit far left sites. I don't believe what I do because I'm reacting to the "progressives". I've simply come to my conclusions about the issues by looking for the truth. So why make myself angry? I was just doing a little internet research for a project I'm working on, and I found myself over here.

Seems Woman of Abomination stepped into it today. Deep liberal doo-doo. The whole abortion debate, mixed in with the free speech issue. The post itself is juvenile, and hardly worth Woman's time of course, but the comments! Oh my!

Apparently reason, logic, and free-speech are not allowed in these circles unless they support the "correct" (meaning "progressive") way of thinking.

Simply put, the left has decided to use Nineteen-Eighty-Four techniques, to bring about their Brave New World. Pretty scary.

I knew all of this of course, I just never actually had the stomach to go to one of these sites and jump in.

Blechh. I feel like I'm about to barack on my keyboard I'm so wound up.

Update: (Getting deep here:)

"So much of life is about understanding our differences and being open to perspectives that our vastly opposed to ours."

Yes Romi! I was thinking on this before I even rolled out of bed this morning. What we have with the internet is a unique ability to interact and exchange ideas like never before, all over the world and from every human spectrum. We could ring in the neo-Renaissance by interacting in an adult way, but so many times we choose to spit on each other like kids in a sandbox. It's truly sad that we've chosen to take this amazing opportunity and profane it by turning it into a tacky shock jock show.


Romi said...

hahaha...if I had to choose I would err on the side of leftist, though no side is perfect, and for me it's just about living a life I can be proud of at day's for sites like that, it's a shame that opposing views are taken so negatively. So much of life is about understanding our differences and being open to perspectives that our vastly opposed to ours. You never have to agree, but it's about mutual respect!

Anyway, I want some ice cream ;-)

Nigel said...

Gosh darn it, linked to Feministing.


How the heck do I wash that off my P.O.C. blog?

(Me-shell, just kidding.)

Seriously, I noticed how balanced and level-headed your arguments were, yet all those feminazis could do was respond with anger and vulgarity.

Whatever happened to a civil disagreement and a free exchange of ideas?

Romi, walk toward the light Sweetheart. We can save you from that Canadian Socialism you've been brainwashed with...:)

(Romi, also kidding. You knows I loves Miss Romi just the way she is)

Sue said...

Okay, I read the blog, and I refuse to follow the link to the feminist site (gag).

I am pro-choice as well, and also a former rape victim. The teacher was an ass.

Sue said...

Wait... I did go to that site. Dammit. Shoot me. I found WoA's comment too, though, and I'm still pro-choice.

Anyway, I still think the teacher was an ass.

"I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it."
-S. G. Tallentyre (Evelyn Beatrice Hall) in The Friends of Voltaire

Nigel said...

Hey Sue...

Yes, the teacher may possibly have been an "ass". But if you read the comments, you'll notice that the commenters were calling for the teacher to be fired, using some rather creative expletives.

Even though his argument may have been factually correct....

Meanwhile, leftists professors can bash America and Christians and Jews and Capitalism and Family Values...etc.etc.etc....with no backlash. I suggest a documentary called Indoctrinate U. if you want to see what I am talking about.

Michele's a very "free-speech" kind of American the Founding Fathers would love. Everyone can have their opinion, but liberals like to shout down the opinions of protests by invading the free speech of others, by shouting "racist", "bigot", "fascist" if you disagree with them, or by telling you that a disagreement is "already settled" as in the case of global warming or evolution.

Michele went over there with a responsible and not-necessarily opposing viewpoint and got shouted down. That is the typical liberal M.O.

Sue said...

Oh... those comments crack me up. Okay, okay. NEXT TIME I will read the entire thing before I come here and comment. Sheesh, I'm a dork. hahah.

WoA had some GREAT points, and was mature about it. I bet those teenagers are all still drooling on their teething rings. haha.

Sue said...

And one more thing... after reading her points, I no longer think he is an ass. Like I said, she had some great points. Forgive me, my brain's not working today.

Nigel said...

Nah Sue, your brain is working just fine.

One more mentioned you are a rape victim. Thank you for not playing the "absolute moral authority" card...meaning that if you have gone through an experience, that experience alone brings creedence to your argument and everyone else's argument is null and void.

That's another liberal trick. For example, since I am white, I cannot possibly have an opinion on racial issues...only someone "of color" can since they have "experienced" racism.

Like dat...

Michele said...

Thanks Sue. I means a lot to me that you read what I said and understood my meaning. Especially when it's difficult and the feelings are strong.

Gordon said...

Wow, I would say that the thread was a healthy debate. I think by you not leaving when called a troll and refusing to lose your cool, a good conversation happened.

We would never allow that at the Buffet.

Michele said...

I did lose my cool. I was throwing up my hands and hissing obscenities through my teeth. But a thought before I typed.

I've seen honest people shouted down when I thought they were really looking for a chance of walking away smarter.