Monday, July 7, 2008

Write a Soldier Today

(by Michele)

Why? It's not the 4th of July, or Memorial Day or Veteran's's just July 7th. Well, because it's hotter than hell in Baghdad today, and because I said so, that's why.

I was out in the garden this morning picking over the wilted squash, and the crispy pea plants (still learning), and sweating through my sundress. It was already 90 degrees before lunchtime.When I came inside to park myself in front of the computer, thinking how grateful I was that God created air conditioning, I thought about my soldier, the one we've been writing to for a while, because I've had her letter sitting next to keyboard for a while and I have been meaning to write to her. I met her through Your letters and packages go to a soldier who doesn't get much mail, which is too bad because she writes lovely letters that end with Blessings, Love and Light and things like that. I just never know what to say to her, believe it or not, so I have the kids make cards and I send magazines and stuff. When I do write a longer letter I keep it casual.

Today I wondered how hot it was in Baghdad. Last time I looked, at 7pm Baghdad time, it was 97 degrees, with blowing dust. In a few days there will be a delightful high of 114 degrees. I doubt she's wearing a light cotton sundress covered in daisies while she's kicking butt in the hot sun.

Let me digress a bit here. I've been wasting my time lately fuming about a particular miserable apathetic ass I know who likes to spout off about our country, the war and especially Christians. He told me if he had a last name like mine (very Christian) he would have to change it. But I know, the only reason he can be as cynical and dismissive about God as he is, is because he has 28 different kinds of toilet paper with which to wipe his pampered ass, 20 different kinds of toothpaste to clean his filthy mouth. When he gets up in the morning he can shuffle groggily into the kitchen in his Fruit of the Looms, and decide whether he wants Crunchberries or Chocolate Fudge Pop tarts for breakfast, and if he doesn't want those, he can go to the store and live on Oreos for the rest of his life if he wants to. He's in a place where he's safe to think it's up to him to decide if there's a God or not, and free to decide whether he agrees with the way we're fighting for the freedoms and rights of others. He can even choose to check out and not care, because nobody is holding his sister hostage or bombing his street.

He never did anything to protect anyone's freedom. He's a force for least not anything worth anyone's precious time. Sadly, he's made himself a placeholder.

So I got positive, and wrote to a woman who is not dismissive when it comes to God and is doing something. A woman who will never be just a placeholder. I told her how very much I appreciated her in as many ways as I could.

I feel lighter. I hope she does too.


Sue said...

You've totally inspired me to write to a soldier.

And I could think of several men that fit your description... but I'm stuck on two now. Which one is he again? said...

awesome post. thanks for writing this. you got to me, especially showing the contrast between the two people.

she has made a good impact on you. thanks for sharing this. you're doing an awesome thing writing your soldier.

i think this is my first time to your blog, so hello and greetings from kathleen in anchorage alaska

PS. i am also an Air Force veteran

Nigel said...

I've been wasting my time lately fuming about a particular miserable apathetic ass I know who likes to spout off about our country, the war and especially Christians.

I didn't know you knew Bill Mahr...

Anyway, can I just freakin' pat myself on the back for asking Michele to post here? A brilliant move if I do say so myself, as that just tripled the quality of this POC blog.

Great job on your first post Michele...

Michele said...

Thank you Kathleen in Anchorage who served in the Air Force, Sue who is getting out an envelope and paper now, and Nigel who's twisted around patting himself on the back. Made me want to go out and buy more stamps. I waited way too long to write her.

B Smith said...

And I actually said that no good could come of having a woman blog here. Way to make me feel like sh*t. Slap me, hard and repeatedly.
You've made an honest man of Nigel (not that I'm impugning his previous honesty),who said you'd bring class to this blog.
Thank ye, lass.

Nigel said...

Yeah Bsmith...I think we'll keep her!

Nigel said...

Howdy Kathleen from Anchorage...thank you for your service!

We are very military-friendly here...come back soon. said...

thanks nigel :)