Thursday, July 31, 2008

What promises from Barack Obama are worth (Update: John Edwards feeling not so charitable all of a sudden)

As it turns out...NOTHING:

Conservative bloggers aren’t waiting for The One Who Is The Change He Seeks. No, they’re doing it for themselves.

Doing what, you ask?

Doing the job Barack Obama wasn’t willing to do: Helping out a little school in Kenya that bears Obama’s name and which he promised to assist.


With the all of the blessings of wealth Obama has, he couldn't throw these children a few pencils or books?

"Sorry...I'm too busy to care..."

Maybe it's because Michelle Obama has been struggling to make those student loan payments...

Of course it's probably because Obama is waiting to become president so he doesn't have to personally do it...he'll do it with tax money. Because personal charity isn't in his blood unless it's politically expedient.

Want to help, since Barack and Michelle Obama won't? Go here to make a donation...I'm sure even $5 would be appreciated and go a long way.

Update...from Are We Lumberjacks:

Which points up the problem with "hope". Even when specific promises are made, "hope" is just a word. You can't deposit hope. It doesn't earn compound interest, it won't buy a water pump, a desk, or a chalk board. Hell, it won't buy chalk. Obama was happy to give the school hope. Why wouldn't he be? It cost him nothing.

Update: From Moonbattery, now that John Edwards has wrecked his political career, he's decided one of his "Americas" isn't so important now.

DPUD has the money quip:

Note to prominent Democrats, if you're going to promise children and their families all this great charitable aid, you may want to, oh, I dunno, follow through? Kinda makes you look like a total dick when you don't keep your promise.


Sue said...

$10,000 a dance, piano, and summer camp? Mrs. Obama needs to learn that the things that cost nothing matter more to a child's health than those pricey classes.

Damn! I don't even make 10K a year, there's NO WAY I would pay that much on extracurricular crap!

Sue said...


I need to proofread BEFORE I submit.

doubleplusundead said...

But wait, it gets even more vile, seems Obama isn't the only bigwig Dem letting down students,

Van Helsing said...

I'm sure Obama will feel that he's more than made up for his stinginess when he becomes president and puts the entire African continent on welfare, courtesy of American taxpayers.