Friday, July 11, 2008

Thanks a lot, A-hole!

Thanks to this moron, I was unemployed this week.

It was temporary. Our division was sold off immediately afterward and I'm back to work.

Still...didn't need the stress.

Update: I sent ole' Chucky a letter expressing my admiration for his finance acumen. Somehow I don't think he'll respond and I'm pretty much hoping the FBI doesn't come knocking on my door. Can that happen if you call a sitting US Senator an "A-hole"?


Gordon said...

Wow, how often is it that politics hits that close to home?

Hugh said...

Hang in there, I just got done with 2 and a half months of unemployment.

Nigel said...

Thanks guys...but I (we) totally landed on our feet.

Schumer is still an A-hole.

B Smith said...

Schumer: Asshole. Dipshit. Dripping limp-dick liberal pre-pubescent fuck.

Now they can knock on my door, too :D

Michele said...

Wow b smith. The images!