Friday, July 25, 2008

Where's Nigel?

Here I am:

That's the harbor in Baltimore. Last night I had a terrific was my view:

And here's what I ate:

The carnage:

The sunset:

Tonight I will be dining with a one of my favorite bloggers. Since I am in Baltimore, perhaps it's Michelle Malkin?

Yeah, right. I wish.

No, actually I will be traveling a little north to have dinner with a friend who is well known for clinging to his guns and religion (and his toads).

Michele and's all yours...


Michele said...

Say hey to Cranky for me!

Yiddish Steel said...

You tell Gord-o I said to strap on the yarmulke come sundown tonight, bust out the fine Manaschevitz and pass the chollah!

Have a nice trip, Nigel. Sorry about catching crabs.

Brian said...

Poor li'l crab. Never even had a chance.