Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Killing in the name of "honor" (updated with commentary from Mark Steyn)

I took a little heat this weekend for an ill-timed...well...let's just call it "stupid" comment on Michele's post about the troglodytic cretin who opened fire on a Tennessee church on Sunday.

Mea culpa.

Do I hate Muslims? No. But I want to make it clear...I cannot stand their "religion" for various reasons...and I wonder why the Islamic community isn't all up in arms about this:

The rest of the program is here at Stop the ACLU.

Sting once asked the question, "do the Russians love their children too?" So I ask those who would defend Islam...do Muslims love their children too?


Because anyone who kills children (or wives and sisters for that matter) for "honor" is an especially twisted and sick **** ...and a religion which allows for this is evil.

And if this isn't "true Islam", then why the hell aren't Islamic leaders standing up and shouting about this?

Do Muslims love their children too? OK, what about this? Where is the outcry for teaching children hate and love of martyrdom before they even start school?

If I am bigoted for asking this question...then I am bigoted. I'll live with that.

h/t Rusty at The Jawa Report

Update: I've been reading America Alone by Mark Steyn...last night flying home, I caught this passage:

What we still don't know as the years drift by since September 11, is how deep the psychoses of jihadism reach within Islam in general, and the West's Muslim populations in particular. How many are revolted by the slaughter of those Beslan schoolchildren, or the beheading of Daniel Pearl and other hostages, and how many are willing to rationalize it? More to the point, of those Muslims who are affronted by what is done in the name of their religion, what percentage are prepared to do anything about it? How many Western Muslims have formed "Not in Our Name" groups and marched to protest the bombings of their fellow citizens in New York, Madrid or London? How many have joined "Islam Against Suicide Bombing" or banded together to force jihadist imams out of their mosques? How many are prepared to stand up and say they didn't come to America or Europe to raise their children as Saudis?

Hello? Anyone out there?

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