Thursday, September 4, 2008

Bitter Clingers

Due to economic instability, high gas prices, and a government that doesn't care, my friend Michelle (we call her Two-Ells) and I have become very bitter. After spending some time on Sunday clinging to my religion, I popped on over to her corrugated tin shack to see if she would like to punch a few holes in some targets on Tuesday.

On Tuesday night, she dug through her gun closet, stacking her bandoliers, flash supressors, and chemical suits until she found the gun she most enjoyed clinging to.

Here's how we did.

This is the big target we shot up with the KelTec P32 at about 10 yards.

Here's the KelTec P32

It's teensy and has a very long trigger pull, so you have to be extra bitter and clingy to shoot a round off. Luckily we are just that type.

The next thing we fired was the FN Five Seven.

This is Two-Ells more than 15 yards from the target.

She was complaining about her accuracy. I reminded her that she was shooting at a target the size of a mosquito's ass at a very long distance. I also had her look at the giant target belonging to the two frat daddies over to our left, decided she could accomplish what they did drunk and blindfolded and she felt more confident.

Here's her grouping. She must have been very very bitter.

I like the Five Seven. It's loud. It makes a big fire ball, and it shoots like butta.

Here's a shot of me with my .38 revolver. It's the least fun to shoot, but revolvers are user friendly. I don't like a lot of accessories that can break.

(I wish I had curled my hair in the back. I'll remember that next time. I did make sure she didn't get my butt in the picture.)

Here's my grouping. I think my target is sideways here, because I shot them all to the right a bit.

So altogether we did pretty well for being so damn bitter and unhappy with our lot in life. You know sometimes life gives you lemons and you just have to find a way to make lemonade.

And if you're made of paper and you're very still and you don't flutter much and I meet you in a dark alley, you better run the other way buddy.

Side note: Two Ells was actually called "bitter" by the poor Josh behind the register. Maybe because she said "Listen Chatty Kathy, just give us the damn targets already!" She had a hard dinner discussion with an overly talkative male earlier, and poor Josh got a little delayed explosion. She's usually very nice.

Update: Girls clinging to guns and religion at the same time, a day earlier than me, at the very same range and blogging about it. Weird.


Nigel said...

Did you pray before you shot your guns? Or have you stopped clinging to your religion?

Sue said...

Ooo, that sounds like a good way to let off steam. I want a gun! Wait, no, that might not be a good idea...

B Smith said...

1. Personally, I pray for more ammunition, more guns, and occasionally better groups.Oh, and pro-gun politicians.
2. I never thought I'd care to associate with bitter, clingy women. See? Obama has brought change already!!
3. I can't remember where I first heard it, but I now refer to range time as "creating sacred parchment" (i.e., making hole-y paper. heh)