Monday, September 8, 2008

Randi Rhodes is batshit stupid...

Oh wait...we've pointed that out before...

Her latest idiotic rant comes to us courtesy of Brian Maloney at The Radio Equalizer...listen as she claims that John McCain wasn't really tortured in Vietnam, but was rather a propaganda arm for the North Vietnamese:

Brian is too nice to ask the obvious questions, so I'll do it.

How many shots of Ketel One does Randi take before she goes on the air?

Did that face-plant outside of that Manhattan bar cause permanent brain damage?

What the hell has Randi Rhodes ever done in her life except being a mean-sprited bitch of a liar?

I remember listening to a segment of her show just before the Bush/Kerry election where she was making the claim that the election was already rigged...and she was in a position to prove it. And that she would have her "millions" of listeners flood the Diebold corporate offices with telephone calls to expose them.

Everyone remember that? Remember how Diebold was shut down? Remember how Randi proved that the election was rigged, and how much her credibility was increased after the election?

Neither do I. And that is because Randi Rhodes is a liar and nobody is listening to her show.

Go here to see Brian Maloney's debunking of Rhodes' latest lie:

Don't expect to read about this in the mainstream media, even after they smeared Rush Limbaugh over the fake "phony soldiers" flap. Nor will you find outraged Media Matters / Huffington Post types calling for Randi's head.

Lastly, don't hold your breath waiting for the left to demand Rhodes back her allegations up with even a shred of factual information.

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