Sunday, September 7, 2008

Low Gun Crime in UK

I don't really have guns on the brain, just happen to be posting a lot about them. Really right now I'm thinking about how I have to fold laundry, and how I don't have any wine. Liquor stores are banned from selling wine on Sunday in these here parts. How does a girl fold laundry without a glass of wine?

So I'm avoiding laundry and surfing the web. Somehow ended up reading The Sun. Hit their Justice section, and was so happy to discover how little gun crime there was in the UK.

Now all they need to do to prevent violence is ban knives...oh and microwaves, bridges, the cheap booze culture, fists, racism, greed, gangs, "maniacs in taxis", ice cold rivers, and gravity.

While they're working on banning these things why don't these bozos just go ahead and ban murder? Makes sense right? Or is it already against the law?

Found this. Would watch All in the Family at 3 am when I was feeding babies. If you have about 8 minutes to see how things haven't changed in 30 years take a look:

(Or just go to the end where they discuss how to keep people from killing people. Why Archie is considered a clown is beyond me.)

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Nigel said...

Archie Bunker...a true American.

Interesting that the liberals who wrote this show did such a great job of buffooning themselves.