Friday, September 5, 2008

Marsha Marsha Marsha

From Tennessee naturally.

Favorite quote, delivered with a winning smile.

To all the gray suits in the booth up here...Listen up! As a wife, a mother, a business woman and public servant, neither governor Palin nor I need you to tell us what our limitations are when we might have taken on too much or when we might have reached too far!

Do you think we could fix social security if we just tax all of the men who've declared their undying love to Sarah Palin this week? Not very conservative idea, I know, but I'm a pragmatist.

Marsha's pretty lovable too, don't you think?


Nigel said...

That's one tax I would pay!

B Smith said...

FIX Social Security?? With that tax, we could DO AWAY with it, and blast all the commies, hippies, and assorted socialists to search for the Worker's Paradise on other worlds.
You think too small, Michele! said...

she nailed it! you are so right .. that was the best part of this speech. thanks for sharing this speech, too.

kathleen :)