Monday, September 1, 2008

Palin's Daughter is Pregnant

In the news today.

And because I am an anger addict, I went that place that shall not be linked today.

Palin stated that it was her daughter's choice to keep the baby, and that the family is rallying around her.

The screechers are crying "Wait! Did she say choice? Are the pregnancy pushers pro-choice when it comes to their own daughters, but anti-choice when it comes to all of us?!"

No! You shit for brains. The choice is whether to raise the child herself with the help of the family, or to give it up for adoption.

Can I say one thing? It blows my mind how worked up these "feminists" can get over the trauma of pregnancy and birth. Personally, pregnancy and birth were not traumatic for me. A little puke, a lot of swelling, an epidural, and two speedy births. Why is an abortion, which is a bloody and painful and potentially injurious procedure that destroys a life not considered traumatic by them? Why is it preferable? Why is the noble and painful choice to let a child live and go on to another family somehow not considered heroic? Why is the decision to face the music and prove your mettle by keeping an unexpected child considered weak by these lazy women?

I can only conclude that these feminists base their whole belief system on being able to maintain a constant weakness in character.

When the zombies come, they will make a great meat wall.

Um. I didn't say that.


Sue said...

You know what, Michele? I think you and I have a lot in common.

Michele said...

I think that may be true. I'm no hardliner. I simply detest irrationality.

B Smith said...

:::pointing finger:::
You DID say that...I READ it...I'm PRINTING IT.
I have big rubber gloves. I'll help you pile 'em up.