Wednesday, September 3, 2008

"We didn't have time to get into everything..."

Watch as Megyn Kelly bitch-slaps shit-eating US editor Bradley Jacobs:

"Didn't have time to get into everything."

Well, about NOT PRINTING LIES AND HALF TRUTHS until you have the time to check your sources?

Thank you Megyn Kelly for getting up this guy's ass.

Moron in-chief:

What makes it great was Kelly's outraged prosecutor demeanor-- and the sucker of cock smear artist's rat-like grin as he lied, knowing he was lying, knowing he was caught lying, but grinning anyway as if to say, "Yeah? And what can you do about it?"


Michele said...


Yiddish Steel said...

Bradley Jacobs: Fiction-spinning, fabricated story-telling, shit-eating faggot! Yeah, I said it. FAGGOT! The diamond crusted tiara-wearing Queen of the Queer Mafia with a press credential.

Anonymous said...

Yea, she pwned him. ;)