Friday, September 19, 2008

Oh. They Call it Manorexia. Wish I Knew That Yesterday.

Yesterday I wrote a post over at Culture11 about the sadistic fashion industry. I got a little flack for my way with words, but I was a bit incensed.

While I was researching my post I happened upon quite a few gay themed blogs with lots of pictures of these skinny male models. In the comment threads I read a lot of "oh, I can see a roll in the third picture" or "is that a double chin?" etc. These models were emaciated. You would need a magnifying glass to find a roll on them.

Anyway, found this on Foxnews today. Supports my theory.

These days, females aren't the only ones suffering from anorexia.

The eating disorder is increasing at a faster rate among males than women — at least in England — the Daily Mail reported Wednesday.

Professor Hubert Lacey, a psychiatric consultant at St. George's Hospital in England saw more male than female anorexia referrals for the first time this summer.

But it's not just a problem in England.

A Harvard University study released last year found that 25 percent of those with anorexia or bulimia and 40 percent of binge eaters were males.

The Harvard researchers, whose study included 3,000 male and female participants, previously thought that just 10 percent of American males suffered from anorexia or bulimia.

Seems the new Eurostyle means laxatives and vomit for everyone. No more gender discrimination.

After you boys are thin enough, we'll put you in a pretty pink dress.


B Smith said...

I'll continue to eat my cheeseburgers (and not regurgitate them), tote my guns, and ogle pretty women.
Bet no-one will have trouble guessing who's happier :-D

Nigel said...

B Smith...

You comment on every other post than the Bacon/Pork Rind/Urine post?

What? Did I offend your Islamic sensibilities?

B Smith said...

I was offended you only suggested 50 gallons. it would take WAY more than that to properly marinate 13 human (?) bodies.
Not that I would, you know, KNOW anything about that. (ahem)
I have amended the 'snub', by the way.