Sunday, September 14, 2008

In October

Can't wait to see it. May get a big group together.

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The Terminator said...


Hollywood producing this kind of film? This must be the talk of the day in the industry. I can imagine the small talks it stirs up at the little cafe shops in Paramount among the pseudo co-workers and holier-than-thou liberal quasi-artists at lunch, as they take a big bite off the $9.99 save-the-dolphin-but-eat-the-salmon sandwich. "Boy the republicans can't deal with the truth huh?" - "Yeah, like Bush's lies that wiped out an entire galactic equators, and brown people".

Seeing the stock of actors in this hilarious trailer, I'm just surprised their homes aren't being blasted with rocks and Molotov cocktails by "youths" or "anarchist" or those who resort to drug addiction and altering McCain's photos.