Saturday, November 1, 2008

Shock of the day

Wow. I just cannot believe this...

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B Smith said...

I'm thinking more and more that college "education" simply allows a person to delay adulthood for another four (or more) years.
And when you have people lauding a domestic terrorist like William Ayers as 'a respected member of the academic community', and all of the intense, collective navel-gazing CRAP that fills the course outlines of your local state college, for someone like Urkel (who will feed you MORE mind-candy and give you 'hope' and 'optimism', even as he takes away ever more rights) just seems like a natural progression. These people haven't learned to reason objectively, quite the opposite: they've learned that it's completely acceptable to shout down the opposition, argue by name-calling ('fascist' is a favorite, although eight out of ten don't seem able to define the term) and that rules don't apply to them.
It was far better for the country when they were too stoned and stupid to vote, but Urkel, in his quest to destroy this nation, has diligently tried to get these people, especially, to the polls.
I really hate to seem like I'm digging at higher education here, if you're serious about learning, it's a VERY worthwhile goal. But I don't believe that these are the students writing college newspapers, or protesting the liberal outrage-du-jour. Serious students seem to have better uses for their time---studying. I do think that too many people in this country really believe that college is something they just HAVE to do simply because they have the means, or because they really have no idea what they want to do in life, and college seems to offer a delay to consider the options... possibly both. I think, in fact, that these are the majority of students in colleges and universities today.