Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day...from halfway across the world

Preparing now to go to bed as the polls open in the United States. When I wake up, it's very possible that a winner in the Presidential election will have been declared.

The hotel bar is opening tomorrow morning at 8am (local time) for the US Elections. I'm tempted to check out the scene, though I fear that I may be the target of someone's ire if I do that.

The Presidential election is not the only thing I will be monitoring (as best I can). My only political donation this year went to William Russell in his effort to defeat that windbag John Murtha. In California, we decide if we have finally relented to the continuous assault of the gay agenda. And in San Diego, hopefully we get rid of douchebag City Attorney Mike Aguirre.

My plane leaves tomorrow. When I arrive in Los Angeles (3 hours EARLIER than when I left), I may be returning to a different world.

Peace out...


Michele said...

Peace out buddy.

B Smith said...


Secret AAAgent man,
Secret AAAgent man...

Stay safe. Give us a full report when you return?