Monday, November 17, 2008

Euros love their dominoes

Over 4.3 million of them:

Cool: The domino rocket ship

Really Cool: The domino "black hole"

Not Cool at all: The domino Che' Guevara

Hawt: The domino Paris Hilton

Really Hawt: An upside down Miss Finland touching off the first domino:

A new world record for the number of dominoes toppled in one go was set in the Netherlands on Friday night, when according to event organizers, 4,345,027 dominoes fell during a two-hour TV show.

Acrobat and former Miss Finland Salima Peippo toppled the first domino while suspended from the ceiling by ropes.

Beside the record attempt to topple the most dominoes, there were 10 other record attempts including the most dominoes stacked on one single domino, the most mini dominoes toppled and the fastest domino toppling. All 10 records were successfully broken

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B Smith said...

The Che Guevara one was cool, in the sense that he was 'toppled'....