Thursday, November 6, 2008

Sarah's a Big Dumb Dummy

I have to get in on this conversation going on about Sarah Palin's smarts. What if she's not smart?

Then is she optimistic? A leader? Has she made good choices in her life even when those choices are difficult? Is she brave? Is she level headed? Does she have energy and drive? Is she proud of her country? Does she talk down to other people? Does she choose to lead out of self-interest or does she have a servant's heart? Is she dedicated? Does she have strong values? Does she love her family? Is she calm in the face of trouble? Does she have a handle on her emotions? Does she think its up to her to save the world, or does she leave it up to a higher power?

Tell me, is there a universal character quotient? Because she possesses character in spades. But right now in our country if you are all of the things Sarah Palin is, and you are a conservative, then the first thing your detractors will go after is your IQ.

Here's a nice photo essay of just a few "smart" people in government, economics, and medicine who've worked to change the world.

Come to think of it, have any of our greatest heroes gotten to that place in our hearts because they were brainy?

Yep. Sarah's a big dumb dummy.

Thank God.


Nigel said...

Sarah's plenty smart. But I'll take heart over smart any day...

Starting the drumbeat now...Palin/Jindal '12

Michele said...

Oh. I don't think she's stupid at all. I think that the media wants to paint anyone with exemplary character as stupid. I also think that being voted the smartest guy in the whole room isn't exactly a good thing.