Saturday, November 8, 2008

I'm pissed

Not at the election of Barack Obama...I was expecting that.

What has me pissed off right now? For starters, the treatment of Sarah Palin by the media and a few cowardly "insiders" who don't have the huevos to go on the record.

And I'm pissed that the "honorable" John McCain has yet to speak up in her defense. Honorable my ass. He should have been behind a podium 15 minutes after the first smear came out. All of you illegal aliens need not worry...John McCain has YOUR back. But not your's Sarah.

(Don't worry Governor. Millions of us DO have your back.)

I'm pissed that once again Californians voted to uphold the sanctity of marriage, yet once again the homosexual activists in this state will take this issue to court...will of the people be damned. I must live in the most bigoted state in the country...we've only voted on this issue THREE FREAKIN' TIMES now.

And of course I'm pissed at my Chargers who had better pull their collective heads out of their asses this weekend, or they can kiss their season good-bye.

Whew. That feels better. Off to the Rose Bowl to watch my Bruins.

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B Smith said...

I'd say I got SP's back, but I think she's a better shot than me. I'd feel damn good knowing she had MY back :-)

The MSM/ Obamachine's been doing a hatchet-job on her for months, but I really didn't expect it to carry on AFTER the election. This is a scary foreboding of what one can expect for angering/ embarrassing the 'Lightworker' (spit). Apparently, his ilk are vengeful, and carry a grudge. Be ye warned.