Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Walk

So I'm watching Barack with the sound off, because I do that sometimes and I noticed he has this strut going on. I didn't notice it before, maybe because it seems so exaggerated now.

Then I remembered I had seen this walk many years ago.

Use this video as a device to get acquainted with the proper way of comporting yourself when you're walking down to the government store to get your weekly ration of arugula.

Read the freekin' lyrics comrades! Parenthetical references are mine of course.

Attention everybody! (achtung!) I'm gonna show you a brand new dance.
It's called "The walk, the walk", just let your body talk 'til you're deep in a trance.
You don't need no partner, you can walk all alone.
Whenever you feel the groove just let your body move, walkin' to a beat of your own.

Everybody walk your body, everybody walk.
Everybody walk your body, everybody walk.

Attention everybody! (achtung!)I said it ain't hard to do.
Just walk, walk, let your body talk, walkin' so cool.
Attention everybody! (achtung!) I said I just shined my shoes.
So you can let your body talk, just watch where you walk or your life you're gonna lose. (whoa, stay in line, comrade.)
In other words, I'll walk you 'til you're dead. (and tax you while I'm at it.)

(repeat chorus)

The days of dancing in one place are gone. (Early speech by Barack Obama. Now we must do a more progressive dance.)
And honey, you know you can't dance with them tight jeans on.
If you try to cop a dip, you trip, slip, and fall. (OMG he really sounds like Obama.)
Walking's for the cool baby, put on a camisole.

(repeat chorus)

(Here's some dirty stuff from the live version I've included. Seemed appropriate.)

Who? Me? I wear baggies, zip, snap, and drop.
Easy access baby. Yes, before you get a chance to holler "Stop!"
Besides, Rollo likes his freedom.
Ain't nothin' like a fresh pair of baggies.
Now I know that's right

Wow. Rollo likes his freedom.

I like mine too.

(I think I'm on a list now.)


Yiddish Steel said...

Nice pick up there, Michelle. Funny, but ironic. When I saw Morris Day "walk" out on that stage, I couldn't help but think of Jay Mewes (Jay & Silent Bob) from Dogma.

Nigel said...

That is awesome M'Shay...

But methinks you are just being racist here. RAAAAAAACIST! Did you notice that you chose a BLACK entertainer to parody Obama?

(Wait. The election is over now? We've conquered racism? Oops, my bad.)

Michele said...

But doesn't Morris Day's voice sound just like Barack's in the second verse?