Thursday, November 13, 2008

Why Muslim men make poor OB-GYN doctors

Hey ladies, the penalty for "going there" is flogging:


Anonymous said...

So, uh, Nigel . . . you Googling "muslim female masturbation" again?


Christine said...

Ah, yes, but if you're a guy, you just go ahead. Because nobody's ever gonna know...

Is he suggesting that women learn about masturbation through watching European porn videos?

I think I'll go do some housework, or join a charity or something. Something useful. Yeah.

Attila Girl said...

What could be more useful than getting off, and having a nice nap? That ALWAYS makes me feel more charitable.

Well, at least he encourages women to "do their homework," which means he believes in female education.

And he doesn't characterize female masturbation as "sin," but rather "risky."

He must be terribly progressive; I hope the fundies don't kill him.

I never did find this "hymen," although it might have been stretched out due to risky tampon use, or risky seeing of an an OB-GYN. But even without "risky behavior," I just don't think a lot of girls have noticeable hymens . . .