Thursday, November 13, 2008

Dennis Miller hurts the feelings of liberals

Awww. Liberals are now up in arms at the last throw-away comment by Dennis Miller on last night's O'Reilly show. Stacy has the video here.

Sheesh. Lighten up a little. Miller's comment was not "homophobic", it was damn funny. Offended? You libs are not even offended by baby killing or child porn, so stop your freakin' whining.


Yiddish Steel said...

Classic Miller! Platinum. Miller gets so much shit from these Libtards, the same people that think that Bill Maher and Jon Schwartz (Stu) are funny.

Gordon said...

He probably spends 0 seconds fretting about what the Huffglue posters think.

BTW, thanks to the hetrophobic gays going ballistic on Mormons, I think gayness' 15 minutes are up.

B Smith said...

I love Miller. I sort of miss listening to Gordon Liddy on the radio, but Miller's a fine replacement---razor wit, funny as hell, yet still right on-target.
Rant on, Dennis!!