Saturday, November 8, 2008

Great Mag Grab of Aught Eight!

Sorry to link to a Yahoo news site, but suddenly the mainstream media recognizes that middle America actually exists now that their boy is elected.

Watch the vid.

Now peruse


Go ahead pick a magazine, any magazine!


Hey looks like you can get them here cheaper than dirt (at a 100% markup, give or take).

Ammoman sells some ammo of course. But after you look at all of the expensive stuff and tracer rounds and scroll down to the stuff everybody wants to buy....whoops again.

(Maybe the gun market can be the next stock market. Hubby bought an Hk91 in 1996 for $3000, today it's worth $15,000, too bad he sold it back in '98 when we bought our first home.)

Check these sites next week and see what's happening.

Sorry my California friends. When the ship hits the sand, maybe you can stay with us, but you have to bring your own year's supply of Mountain House Freeze Dried Food before you cross the threshold.

(You know this post is mostly inspired by the fact that my husband is desperately clinging to his second ammendment rights today and won't put the damn credit card down. Thanks Obama.)

Update (Nigel): Vinnie, posting last night at AOSHQ, is down witcha, Me-shell...

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