Sunday, March 16, 2008

Fun with Blenders and Slo-Motion

Slow Motion Tomato in Blender - Watch more free videos

Now, especially for the pigs at The Jawa Report and Ace of Spades, here's some more slo-motion fun:

Best Slow Motion Balloon Pop Ever - Watch more free videos

And now for you ladies who all need to get more acquainted with kitchen appliances, here's some more blending fun:

Uh...I was KIDDING about that last crack, ladies.

One more:


Laurie Kendrick said...

Interesting post, Procter Silex.

At least you put in the company of strong, intelligent women. I thank you for that.

Thanks for the link.


Nigel said...

I knew you would see my feeble attempt at humor, Laurie.

I'm afraid Stacy is about to come at me with her gun, and WOA will have me tied to an ant hill when she returns from vacation...

Oink Oink...

Anonymous said...

Damn, someone is bored today. I just returned from the gun show. Hmm.

Oh, and for the record; I'm a kitchen goddess.