Thursday, March 27, 2008

San Diego County has a massive syphilis problem

At least that's what you'd think if you read the front page of the UT yesterday:

Alarmed by San Diego County's more than 1,100 percent rise in syphilis cases between 2000 and last year, state health officials are using five investigators to help the region stem the spread.

“San Diego's increase is a cause for concern because we're just not understanding why it's being transmitted in the frequency that we're seeing,” said Dr. Douglas Hatch, chief of California's division of communicable disease control.

Well're a complete idiot if you don't understand why. But more on that later in this post...

And now...the scary graph!:

AAAARRRRGGGGGHHHHH! Run for the hills!

(But then look at the actual numbers)

Yup. A whopping 340 people out of over 3 million have contracted syphilis in the past year. Let's see thats...uh....00001% of our population. (And it's not even the worst kind of syphilis).

Now everyone knows California has a budget crisis. Considering what we spend our money on here, is there any wonder?

The county has allocated more than $1.5 million in state funds for this fiscal year to five nonprofit groups that work on STD prevention. They are the Family Health Centers of San Diego; San Diego Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual Transgender Community Center; San Diego Youth and Community Center; San Ysidro Health Center; and Vista Community Clinic.

The Vista clinic does outreach in neighborhoods where people who engage in high-risk sexual activities congregate, said director Barbara Mannino. The four other groups declined to discuss how they're using their grants.

Because 348 people contracted syphilis last year, we are going to spend 1 1/2 MILLION dollars on "education"? Huh? And note who we're giving the money to. AND note that these groups refuse to discuss how they will be blowing spending OUR money.

If you think I got a problem with this, you're darn tootin'. Especially when these funds are going to "educate" a group of idiots who should know better:

Nationwide, an increasingly large portion of people infected with syphilis are HIV-positive men who have unprotected sex with other HIV-positive men.

The trend is reflected in San Diego County. Last year, 84 percent of the people diagnosed with syphilis in San Diego County were men who had sex with men, and a big segment of them were HIV-positive, state health officials said.

You know, I am sure that nobody in the homosexual community has heard that having unprotected sex might lead to a disease that might rot your penis off. Yeah...let's spend millions more in taxpayer money to educate these dipwads...especially since most of them have HIV and continue in high risk sex anyway. A little syphilis on top of HIV...well, that could be deadly you know.

Actually I have a better idea...and I can save the county and state some money. Give me 1/5th of that money and I will spend the next year on progam that will completely eliminate this problem. Just give me a bullhorn and (after a fact-finding junket to New York City) I'll actually go to Hillcrest each evening and hang out in each gay hotspot with the educational message:


Here's your free condom...


bmac said...

Oh man, that is just sooo California.
The needs of the few outweigh the needs of the many.

Nigel said...'s not just that. Sure we have our Marxist tendencies...but it's that we have to allocate this money because we're just not understanding why it's being transmitted in the frequency that we're seeing...

That's just stupidity on a grand scale. Meanwhile teachers are whining about getting laid off (not necessarily a bad thing with our POC education system)...have the liberals figured out that we could keep 30 more teachers or an entire school district's athletic program if they re-allocated this $1.5 mil?

And how many other ways are we just throwing money away in this state? I could do a post a day on this...

bmac said...

Why spend the money on actual education, when you can make a grand gesture towards something much more important....tolerance.

Do you remember when Arnold came to Vegas (my hometown) to try to woo back businesses that had left California because of crushing taxes?

It's fucking laughable man.

Anonymous said...

You can't educated a people who don't want to be educated. And yeah, BMAC is right...this sounds so completely California-esque.

Then again, I know you'll come back with something about my being a Texan and wearing cowboy boots (which I've never owned) and a 10-gallon hat (which only holds three gallons by the way. I know--I've tried) and eating copious amounts of cow manure.

And that would be OK, because we're communicating, you see? And that's the FIRST way to combat a communicable disease like Syphilis.

Well, that and not having sex like a couple of wildebeests.

But I digress...


Nigel said...

No Laurie, this is VERY "Californian"...only we'd largely expect this to be a more prevalent situation in San Francisco...or West LA.

San Diego used to be a bastion of conservatism in this state...the moonbats (and illegal aliens) have been invading for years.

Interesting...the "study" also noted that our proximity to Mexico may have also contributed to the "epidemic". So by all means...lets not protect our borders and let as many undocumented immigrants in as can fit. Who cares what diseases they may bring in...

Yiddish Steel said...

Dude, where'd you get that hideous picture of Shaquille O'Neill?!

Nigel said...

Yiddish, don't forget that Shaq played in Miami for four years...I think he was patrolling South Beach in this photo...