Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Good Golly, Miss Molly! (updated and bumped with more Molly!)

Y'all can have your Sports Illustrated bathing suit beauties or your Victoria's Secret models. Rusty at The Jawa Report can have Angelina Jolie.

Me? I'm a girl-next-door kind of guy. And I've had a crush on this girl since I first saw her in a Sonic commercial:

"Who is she?", I've been asking since I first saw her. Finally...some answers...

Her name is Molly Erdman...a veteran of the Second City Comedy group . And she has her own blog...Erdmania.

Wow. Just wow.

But a flaw? She's bought into the Obamassiah?:

Breaking news...I am being flown back to Chicago next Friday to do some scenes from our Second City show for a fundraiser for Barack Obama, and Mr. Obama himself will be there.

That doesn't reveal very much...and she's not very political on her blog.

Now let's see...the nearest Sonic is...where?

(OK, one more Molly fix):

Update: From Second City's website, here's Molly performing as Hillary Clinton...she's hilarious.


Michele said...

I like it that you like her. I really do. She looks a lot like my sister. I'd introduce you, but she's married. For now;)

Nigel said...

It's not just her looks, it's her personality in those commercials.

Yeah, I know...she's acting, but I can't believe her real personality is too far removed from her character in those Sonic commericals.

I love cute girls who can run smak. Sarcasm will get you everywhere with me...

Michele said...

She makes a great Hillary. She's got that annoying voice down.

Bi-rakis. Ha.