Monday, March 24, 2008

Today I am a liberal

Don't mess with me.

The wingnut site Moonbattery is advocating drilling in ANWR again. Why the hell doesn't Van Helsing just shut up and go buy a solar-powered car ? I think he lives in Arizona...he's just carelessly wasting all that sun.

Van Helsing would have the pristine beauty of the Alaskan plains damaged by oil drilling:

Just look at all that nature.

Then I tripped across this tasteless bit of hate speech from Laurie Kendrick in which she advocates beating children, makes fun of urban speech patterns and casts aspersions on Hispanic family values. So how does she defend herself? Thusly:

Is this post “racist”? Hardly. It’s observational humor. It acknowledges the cultural differences we have as humans (and here’s a newsflash–we are different), but it also celebrates our similarities by pointing out our ability to laugh at these differences.

Ha. Ha. You're a riot, Laurie. Don't you know that in order to make any observations on need to be a minority? OK, bring the kids into the room because and don't worry about the language since I'm sure their 4th grade teacher has already shown them this video:

Finally, here's that Christianist Brian from the noted white supremacist site Six Meat Buffet "live-blogging" the Easter Service at Trinity UCC:

Reverend Metaphor is trying to get his “code message” about “the night” across but he’s getting a little strained and makes an odd reference to greedy capitalists getting by on cocaine.

This man is an entertainer who intentionally stutters and stammers for dramatic effect. Talking about nothing and hoping the audience is getting as riled by his feigned heavy breathing. Like he has to get a running start to tell the truth.

Whatever gets the rubes to shake the purses and checkbooks, I guess.

As he rounds up “The Hour of Power” he warns that God will punish the US for “staying in the night” by its imperialist ways.

Now Brian misunderstands the Trinity UCC experience. First he has to understand that this church is there to contextualize the political landscape and to provide some comfort for those oppressed by white capitalism.

But that concept could be difficult for a Nazi Red-stater like Brian. He's white. He's probably attended a Klan rally or two in his day. And I say that knowing full well that it doesn't matter if he actually has been within 200 miles of a Klan rally...because what I just said is accurate if not true.


Anonymous said...

Look Nigel...I just call them as I see them. I am an nothing if not an honest blogger. Besides, I have blond hair and brown eyes and as a stunningly adorable hunk of woman, I too have known incredible preujudice. Only the ugly guys will approach me at a club. Now you tell me that I DON'T know about heing treated differently.

I can't and won't defend Brian. I've read his vitriol over at 6 Meat Buffet. Racist with a capital T.

And what you say about his knowing David Duke and Robert Byrd (personally) being a Grand Imperial Wizard of the K-cubed is probably true. I mean he IS from one of those Southern states like Kentucky or Alabama or Michigan.

With my deepest indifference,
Laurie Kendrick

bmac said...

Nigel, I sense a theme here on this blog that looks strangely familiar....

Thanks for the blogroll add, I have recipricated in kind.

Pretty sure I spelled recipricated wrong....

Nigel said...

Bmac...we're bloggers. Spelling? Eh. Only if we feel like it.

Thanks for the link...glad to see we're fellow Morons as well as ex-band mates.

Anonymous said...

Spelling, and proofreading. I men hoo teh hlle prufredz?

WomanOfAbomination said...

I do.

Nigel said...

Glad to see you are back from your annual royal floggings, W.O.A.

We missed you.