Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Trinity UCC offers to feed you!

Well, now Trinity UCC finally allows Reverend Otis Moss III a little time on their Youtube site...here he is with this "sound bite"...with no conspiracy theories about how Corporate America and Republicans are to blame for crack addiction and gangsta rap:

Hey great work Trinity. The things you have done for your community are laudable. And yet you complain that the focus isn't on those works because of "sound bites". Pastor Moss says you need a full meal, not just "bites"...

But if those "bites" are poison, wouldn't that cause you to vomit up your entire meal?

(Just speaking metaphorically here...in essence your works are negated by your hateful rhetoric)

Curiously, Trinity is now flooding their Youtube site with plenty of Jeremiah Wright videos (see when they were added)...with substantially less inflammatory talk. Note that in none of them do you get a full meal...you get only sound "bites".

Hey Trinity, here's an idea. Go ahead and put full sermons on the internet. All of them. Many churches (including mine) do this...for free. Because if the message is what is important, you don't need to make any money by selling the sermons. And if you want us to have a "full meal", then let us hear EVERYTHING Pastor Wright has said.

(Perhaps we'd even see Barack Obama in attendance...wouldn't you want to show that? Their website claims to have a link to past messages, but for some reason that link is disabled.)

UCC Flashback...here's Barry O. "uniting" Christians last summer. Bet you didn't know Christians are supposed to support abortion and gay marriage.

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