Monday, March 31, 2008

John Cusack: Torture is a cost-plus enterprise

Sounds like someone has been taking classes from Ward Churchill:

Now John Cusack talks as if he knows what he's talking about. Like your typical Hollywood moonbat, he uses all the right liberal cliches without actually providing examples.

True...corporations like Halliburton are making money in Iraq. Of course John would have you believe that the government set the entire war in Iraq up for the express purpose of corporate profit.

In fact...he has to make you believe that. Or his new movie will flop just like all of the other "Iraq war proves America is evil" films have.

Update: Egad...more Hollywood preaching about evil corporations...only this one is aimed at your kids.


bmac said...

I'm gonna link you on this one Nigel, it's just too good.
Cusack's an idiot, too bad, I used to like him.

Nigel said...

Thanks bmac...

Cusack is one of my favorite actors:Hi Fidelity, Better off Dead, Bullets over Broadway and of course Say Anything.

Unfortunately like many Hollywood liberals, they think because they make movies and lots of money, they're qualified to enlighten us about the evils of government. And the Bill Maher/John Stewart crowd eat it up...

Anonymous said...

Cussack, like many other of the Hollywierd elites, are complete morons.

Sadly, many Americans believe that because of this, they know what they are talking about.

Brian McMurphy said...

Go back and watch "Bob Roberts" and you'll see that he's always been this way. You remember Bob Roberts? The early 90s movie by Tim Robbins parallel conspiracizing that Reagan faked his own shooting and featuring a laundry list of commies right down to a young Jack Black portraying a fanatical godbotherer.