Saturday, March 1, 2008

California taxpayers paying for "Aztlan"

Yup, that's LA mayor and noted philanderer Tony VillaLaRaza: "It's not enough to elect Latino leadership...

Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez: "You can be as revolutionary as you can believe in the concept of Aztlan..."

Professor Racist Armando Navarro of UC Riverside...whose salary is paid by the California taxpayer: "We have the armor...we have the artillery..."

California Democratic Party Chairman Art Torres: "It's the last gasp of white America..."

CA State Senator Joe Bacca: "The Latinos are coming...the Latinos are coming!"

I don't mind that the Latinos are already here. It's just that I'm too old and tired to fight against the revolution these guys want.

I'd move to New Hampshire, but it's too damn cold...

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