Monday, March 31, 2008

Obama: Babies are a "punishment"

I just can't freakin' believe Obama just said this:

Wow. Just wow.

Look, I know what he's trying to say here. This was in response to a woman who asked him to "stop these abortions"...what he's trying to say is that one solution would be to educate kids about abstinence (I agree!) and contraception (because, of course, as a liberal he probably believes kids are going to "do it" anyway).

Remember, Barry wants to begin this education early...

But what he really wants to say here is this:

"If my daughter were careless enough to have sex at 16...if I wasn't diligent enough as a parent to influence her morals...I would certainly want her to have the option of a 'get out of jail free card' known as an 'abortion'.

"Because we all know what a royal pain in the ass having a baby can be when you are 16. The abortion would save our family embarrassment, and save my daughter from having to deal with the responsibilities of motherhood before she was ready for it. It would be really hard for us all to enjoy our lives if we were inconvenienced and punished by a screaming lump of flesh that constantly needed to be fed and changed."

(Obama fake quote put in pink...for obvious reasons)

Now before any militant feminazis out there scream that I don't have a right to chime in on this because I am a man, allow me to personalize this for you. mom was 16 when she became pregnant with me. Her pregnancy was certainly an embarrassment to both her side of the family and my father's. Were abortion legal back in 1965, I likely would not be alive and pissing off liberals right now.

And I thank God that I was not considered a "punishment" to anyone in my family...but rather a blessing.


Anonymous said...

Good translation for those of us that speak liberal. Which is not responiblity, but convenience.

Abortion is the one issue that liberals must up hold at all cost. If not they will cast out of the liberal Democrat party.

Nigel said...

Good analysis C.S...