Monday, October 6, 2008

Barack Obama is just a "passing acquaintance" of a terrorist

Yeah, right:

Question: After the 1998 Connie Chung interview, why didn't Barack Obama cut all ties and publicly denounce William Ayers and Bernadette Dohrn?


Did he have his head in the sand? Or does he believe as they do?

Ed Morrissey at Hot Air:

Ayers was hardly quiet about his life and his aspirations. He wrote a book about it in 2001. Chicago Magazine did a lengthy profile of him at the time, complete with pictures of Ayers standing on an American flag thrown on the ground in an alley. Nevertheless, Obama continued to work with Ayers at the Woods Fund and work together on public events. Either Obama liked what Ayers did, or he’s the most clueless politician to have ever reached the US Senate, and neither commends itself as a recommendation for a presidential candidate.

Sarah Palin attracted considerable outrage from the media for publicly pointing out Obama’s association with Ayers and Dohrn as “palling around with terrorists”. However, she forced the media to finally start covering it, as the CNN clips show, and to put Obama on the defensive over it. As we see here, that defense looks terribly weak.

P.S. I'm a racist for even bringing this up.


Anonymous said...

You are a racist for bringing this up--although it is totally true--damnit--now I'm a racist. Will it never end?

Yiddish Steel said...

The term "Racist" is so watered-down and worthless today. It's been morphed into an opt-out for every ignoramus that can't hold an argument with any fact or logic.

B Smith said...

May not be a good analogy, but it's interesting to me, that a "passing acquaintance" with a terrorist's bomb will still get you killed.
When I saw Obama clasp his hands over his nuts (or whatever) as the National Anthem played, that was All I Needed To Know.
Then came the 'Reverend' Wright association, the terrorist Ayers association, the 'Truth Squad' Nazi tactics, The "Obama is really a 2A supporter" lies, and it just goes on and on.
That this scum has come even this far toward being elected leader of a country he obviously hates is a stunning testament to the brain-wiping indoctrination of the masses.