Friday, October 10, 2008

"We would never have a photo like this of Joe Biden"

And we are eternally grateful. I do like to sleep at night.

I just don't get my feathers ruffled over this stuff. Is making a point about a woman's sexual attractiveness, and in the case of this photo, her sexual power, somehow demeaning?

When Rolling Stone enhanced Al Gore's virility, that was intended to be a positive thing. What's the diff?

So we'll have a trail of drool to follow to the voting booth this time. I call that helpful.


Nigel said...

Hey...the more we see of Sarah's legs, the better.

Oink, oink...I'm a registered voter.

B Smith said...

Great quote by another (female) blogger, about a similar pic:

"These are the shoes a woman wears to kick your ass. Red, natch."*

In other views, I won't be voting for Mrs. Palin because of her legs, but her no-bullshit style. Of course, great legs (and she does have great legs, along with other...attributes) definitely won't hurt her, as far as I'm concerned. It'll sure as hell beat looking at Barbara Bush's, or Nancy Reagan's---worthy as those women are.

*The Breda Fallacy. Max recommends.