Friday, October 17, 2008

Today's outrage...

...comes from Michelle Malkin:

Last week, I noted the public school propaganda war on traditional marriage — in the form of a first-grader field trip to a wedding of two lesbian teachers opposed to Proposition 8. That’s the ballot measure to protect marriage.

CTA, the far Left teachers’ union in California, has now donated $1 million to defeat the proposition.


Follow me on this. My tax dollars pay for public teachers salaries (yes, I need to pay for public education even though I don't have any children). The California Teachers Association charges union dues against a teacher's salary...whether the teachers like it or not.

Now those union dues are being used to support gay marriage.

Doesn't that mean I just financially supported gay marriage?

And aren't union dues supposed to benefit TEACHERS? How does blowing ONE MILLION DOLLARS on a special interest campaign benefit teachers? How does it help children?

How many books could ONE MILLION DOLLARS purchase? Yeah, I know...we're supposed to use more of MY tax money for that, but if the CTA really cared about kids couldn't they find a better use for that money?

Maybe some playground equipment? Art supplies? Heck...just hire 20 more teachers!

Remember this when you see another anti-Prop 8 commercial on TV. They don't want to indoctrinate your children...

No they don't.

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