Thursday, October 23, 2008

Don't **** with Megyn Kelly

Watch Fox babe Megyn Kelly tear Hofstra professor and total tool Alan Singer a new a-hole...

Via Hot Air:

Singer claims his life has been threatened. Unless he produces those emails, I call bullshit. It was just his feeble attempt at keeping Kelly's fangs out of his flesh.

It didn't work.

I don't advocate sending this jackass an email to threaten or intimidate him...although it seems like he'd be intimidated by a Girl Scout knocking on his door to sell him some cookies. But if you like to tell him what a tool he his, have at it.

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B Smith said...

This guy strikes me as being a lot like Joe Biden: He has such a candy-coated, glorified view of Ayers that he totally overlooks things that Ayers himself did, and ADMITTED TO, because he is so wrapped up in his own view. In essence, he's saying Ayers' own statements are just a Republican smear tactic.
Ayers is on record as having admitted to setting bombs that killed civilians (a terrorist tactic), AND having said---RECENTLY--- that he thought it "wasn't enough". There is video of this, it's eminently provable, and besides, Ayers himself STILL hasn't come out and denied it!!
But Singer keeps harping on about Ayers being "a respected professor", and a "force for good" (or whatever---my eyes glazed over)This tells me unequivocally that Singer's living in a world of his own imagining, and isn't worth listening to.