Sunday, October 19, 2008

Wuzzadem lives!

Thanks to the dimwits in Buffalo who can't figure out how to keep the lights on, I'm not watching my Chargers (Hey suck. Your weather sucks, your city sucks, your get the idea).

So I'm spending the down time crusing some blogs I haven't visited in a while. Lo and of my favorite blogs of all time, Wuzzadem, is back:

It seems like it's mostly Mrs. Wuzzadem pulling the weight, but it's just nice to have them back.

Hey Buffalo...the power is back on...and you still suck.

Update: Power is off again in Buffalo. When the power goes out here in California, at least it's usually because our state is burning down or shaking.

Why is the power out in Buffalo? Balloons:

The electricity had gone out at the stadium about a half-hour before the game after three helium balloons became entangled in power lines across the street from the facility.

How long will it take the overpaid drooling idiots in charge of keeping the lights on in Western New York to get this fixed?

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B Smith said...

Women in Buffalo suck? Sorry, but I gotta know: spit or swallow? (OINK OINK) I'm on my way to cover this important angle...

In other news, the lights kept going on and off because the guys they sent up there to get the balloons off the power lines kept getting electrocuted.
That's what I heard, anyway.

(But seriously... according to George Hayduke, a bunch of those mylar balloons, released under power lines, will really do some INTERESTING stuff. Makes me want to go discover the joys of electricity :-D)