Friday, October 3, 2008

Palin-Biden debate post-mortem

Last night I hung out over at Six Meat Buffet during the Palin/Biden debate. At debates end I felt that the debate had been a "draw"...or at least I didn't feel that Palin had scored her "knock-out".

I still don't think Palin hit it out of the park. There were SO many times she could have destroyed Biden on his lies.

But now that time has passed to dissect Biden's bullshit, I feel Palin did better than I though last night.

Laurie Kendrick didn't like Sarah Palin's performance. I posted this in the comments section:

My initial reaction last night was the same as yours, Laurie. (BTW, good to see you hanging out over at the Buffet…did you get enough meat?)

Someone over at Hot Air made a GREAT point…you can easily look more confident in a debate if you believe your lies.

Which was Joe Biden. Your average American does not have the time to be an expert on foreign policy…and Joe Biden certainly was passing himself off as one.

So when he said that “we kicked Hezbollah out of Lebanon”…most Americans and the buffoons at MSNBC, the NY Times and Newsweek…just let that pass.

Uh Joe… Hezbollah RUNS Lebanon.

And then Joe suggested NATO forces could fill the void to provide peace in the region.

Uh Joe…NATO does not have that authority

But UN forces do. And as any Israeli can tell you, they have been SUPERB at quelling Hezbollah’s terror activities along the Lebanon/Israeli border (just google “Green Helmet Guy”)

I was screaming at the TV during all of this…because he was lying (or stupid) and Sarah could have CRUSHED him on this.

But bless her Alaskan bumpkin heart…she does not as of yet have the foreign policy background that would have enabled her to jump on Biden for this.

Post Mortem…Sarah Barracuda won this debate. But only to those informed enough to see through Biden’s bullshit.

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B Smith said...

Personally, I don't give a rat's ass whether she has foreign policy experience or long as she has Rice (or someone equally as sharp) on the job. I'd rather see her concentrating more on THIS side of the Big Water, dealing with problems like immigration and government (non-) ownership of major financial institutions.
I've never been a big fan of caring much, beyond semi-interested attention, to how Euroweenies and Fanatic Islamoturds think America should be run.(And the only justification for attention at all is so we can smack them silly before they start f*cking in our affairs enough to become a's THAT for foreign policy?)
I like Barracuda, and always have, because she's REAL...she's had a job other than politician/lawyer/CEO. Aren't our representatives supposed to, uh, REPRESENT us? I don't have any foreign policy experience, either.

(Well, except for trying to get into a certain foreign exchange student's panties...and I failed at that,though it was fun. Might be a story for another day.)