Sunday, October 19, 2008

Host Josh Brolin brings Saturday Night Live its highest overnight ratings in 14 years

Or maybe it was the appearance of Alec Baldwin:

Last night's telecast, hosted by Josh Brolin and featuring musical guest Adele, averaged a 10.7 rating and 24 share in 56 metered markets, according to Nielsen Media Research. That's the highest overnight 'SNL' average since a 1994 episode that was hosted by Nancy Kerrigan and featured musical guest Aretha Franklin.

Saturday's program also included appearances by Alec Baldwin, Mark Wahlberg, Oliver Stone and -- once again reprising her role as Palin -- Tina Fey.

Wow. What a star-studded line-up! I regret not staying up late to see that...and I understand there was also appearances by a donkey, a llama and a moose.

Of course Republican Vice-Presidential candidate Sarah Palin took advantage of the brilliant casting by the SNL crew to get her face on TV again:

Now I am looking for some of the far more hilarious SNL skits that don't involve Palin, but for some reason all I can find is this clip of sourpuss Palin who would not even do the rap that SNL wrote for her:

(If this is the first time you have seen these videos...SHEESH. What are you doing reading my blog first? Loser.)

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B Smith said...

SNL? I'd watch Home Shopping Network before that.