Friday, October 17, 2008

Obama's tax plan is BULLSHIT!

It's hard to believe that Warren Buffet is advising Barack Obama. Of course Buffet really isn't a businessman...he's an investor. And he's damn smart enough to find a way to make money under Obama's plan, where other investors might lose money.

Thanks to Howie at the Jawa Report...he's been finding some damn good stuff lately:

So Charlie Gibson CAN ask tough questions of liberals. Didja see how Obama completely ignored the data on capital gains taxes?

Another thing...and this is common sense. When Obama raises taxes on small businesses, who do you think is going to bear the brunt of that? If a small business owner is thinking of hiring another employee, but his taxes are higher, will that small business owner:

a) Hire that employee at full wage and eat the tax increase?

b) Hire that employee at a reduced wage to cover for the increase in taxes?

c) Not hire that employee at all because the increased tax eats up any potential increase in revenue that employee might create? (see law of diminishing returns)

d) Pass on the cost of the higher tax to consumers?

Which of these options is good for the economy, Barry?

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