Saturday, October 11, 2008

I Guess I'm Not Alone

Some people who use bigger words than me seem to agree that we are headed in a scary direction.


Yiddish Steel said...


I don't scare easily, but, i'm thinking the exact, same thing as you. We could very well be looking at a time in our great nation's history that will make us all beg for the return of the Carter Years. We have bred a nation of lazy wills and lazy, mediocre minds that will accept just about anything, as long as they don't have to do a damn thing to provide for themselves. I am scared.

B Smith said...

Single guy seeks bitter, religious woman, 30-45, with a gun. Prefer staggeringly gorgeous woman and medium-to-large caliber firearm, but will respond to all. Knowledge of hunting and subsistence farming useful.

Any takers? Hello?

Michele said...

Significantly bitter, can handle a M1 Garand, but not a 12 guage shotgun (scary), passably good looking, but already married.

Oh. And everything I grow dies, so you wouldn't want me anyway.

I'm moving out to a compound though so I'll keep my eyes peeled.

Does she have to shave her legs? And what are your views on chewing tobacco?

B Smith said...

Got someone in mind?
She doesn't HAVE to shave her legs, if she'll let me do it for her :-D
Chewing tobacco is a deal-breaker, though. I shared an apt. with a guy when I was in the Army, and he used to think it was funny to push snuff into his GF's mouth when they kissed. And I learned very quickly not to let my eyes off an open can of beer or soda, because he'd spit in them. I used to think smoking was a filthy habit, but I can tolerate that. Dipping (or chewing) just makes me nauseous.