Saturday, October 25, 2008

Preparing for an Obama Presidency

Tomorrow I am leaving the country (no…not permanently…sorry). I will be returning the day after the election and I am fully resigned to the fact that I should expect to be returning to a country where Barack Hussein Obama is the President-Elect.

That fact certainly does not come without some trepidation. Since the Summer of ’07, I’ve felt that I simply could not trust this man. Despite his media-created image, Barack Obama is not a unifier.

Well, I suppose he could be if we were all willing to kneel down at his altar.

I am prepared to fight for the next four years against what a Barack Obama-led America promises to be.


I observed very carefully the childish actions of the losers in the past two Presidential Elections. I am resolved not to repeat them. Specifically:

• Should John McCain lose by a slim margin (even in light of the massive voter fraud ACORN has inflicted, and despite Barack Obama’s disregard for campaign finance laws), I will not spend the next four years whining that the election was “stolen”.

• Should John McCain somehow win the popular vote, but lose the electoral vote, I will not claim that Obama was
“selected, not elected”. I will not cry that the Electoral College is outdated or unfair.

• Should Barack Obama be elected President, I will pray for him…that God will give him wisdom to lead our country. Yes,
knowing what we know about him (and especially what we DON’T know about him), I currently do not have the confidence that he can lead our country any better than…say…Jimmy Carter. But he would be our President…and I always pray for America’s leadership.

• Should Barack Obama be elected President, I will not get any bumper stickers. None. Especially those that say “
Barack Obama is not MY President”, or “Don’t Blame Me, I voted for McCain”, or “Somewhere in Kenya, a Village is missing its Idiot.” That crap is bullshit. Like it or not, if Obama is elected President, he will be my President. I’m an American before anything else.

• Should Barack Obama be elected President, I will
not go into a deep depression.

• Should Barack Obama be elected President,
I will not threaten to move to another country. Hell…why didn’t all of those retards who made that threat during the last two elections LEAVE like they promised? McCain would be winning this election right now by a landslide.

I’m sure if McCain pulls this out, I’ll be returning to more incessant whining by liberals. That would be music to my ears.

(BTW, I cannot divulge my destination. See…I’ve pissed off more than my share of Islamotards and the only thing I can say that my destination has been flagged by the State Department as a place where Islamotards like to kidnap Americans. I don’t need one of those looking for me)


B Smith said...

Hmm. Don't know where you're going, but...God be with you.

Christine said...

Amen, brother. Let's win, or let's show them how adults handle defeat.

Yiddish Steel said...

I didn't pull this crap when we suffered thru Klintonia, and I won't be reciprocating the childish antics of the Lib-tards if Obama is our President. Let's just hope that come Wednsday morning, 11/5, the adults are still in charge.

Anonymous said...
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