Monday, October 6, 2008

Pat Condell: I didn't mean to call Saudi Arabia "mentally ill"

"What I meant to say is that they are a cancerous and sexually repressed bunch of Muslim fanatics. My bad...":


B Smith said...

This would be funny as HELL, if it weren't so damned serious. It reminds me of the gun-owners in Britain after the ban, telling Americans to support the NRA and other organizations, and NEVER let such a ban happen here. (I was given this same piece of advice from a Russian emigre, unnecessary for me, but the sentiment was the same: "spread the word...")
Onn a tangent, you gotta wonder about a belief system so fucked-up that it thinks men will be seduced into rape and debauchery by the mere flash of a woman's ankle, or the fact that---horrors!--- BOTH her eyes are showing. I know some women with damned beautiful eyes, too.

Yiddish Steel said...

Just the site of a woman draped in a coffin curtain with 2 eye slits in the hood gets me thinking these non halal thoughts.